March 27, 2023

Ola clarified, the scooter didn’t think…will install this new part for free. Ola says changing front fork suspension of electric scooters is not a recall auto news in hindi

Ola Electric CEO Bhabish Agarwal said in a detailed blog that several media reports and social media posts said that Ola had ignored suspension breakdowns in electric scooters.

Suspension of Ola scooter broke.

Image Credit Source: Facebook Sanjeev Jain

Ola Scooter: The country’s largest electric two-wheeler company Ola Electric Published a detailed blog on the new suspension replacement. The company clarified that electric scooter owners are being offered a free suspension replacement, not a recall. There have been many cases when electric scooters (Electric motorcyclePeople are injured when its suspension breaks. In view of this, the company has recently given the scooter owners the option of changing the front fork.

The company offered to replace the front suspension free of charge, which sounds like a recall. But the company refused to accept it as a recall. In a blog post, Ola Electric said the company is facing a campaign for releasing photos of the broken front fork.

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The company disclosed the information

The company said that out of 2,00,000 lakh scooters sold, 218 failure reports have surfaced. More than 70 crore kilometers have been covered by these scooters. Ola also said that out of 218 incidents, 184 were accidents. This shows a failure rate of 0.015 percent or 34 out of two lakh scooters. Please mention that this statistic is shared by the company on its blog.

New suspension of Ola S1

Ola Electric said the photo circulating on social media has affected some of its customers. That’s why the company has offered to upgrade the front suspension free of charge. The front fork has been redesigned. Its tooling, testing and validation process was completed in December. At the same time, its production has started in January 2023.

Why is there no recall?

Changing the front fork is optional and free, but it’s not the same as a recall. Explaining in the blog, the agency said that recall orders generally mean setting regulatory failure criteria, which lead automakers to recall. This is 10 percent of the cars sold in India. The failure rate in Ola is very low. At this rate, no company withdraws immediately.

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