March 27, 2023

No need to change car wiper blades every year, just follow these steps. Car care tips in hindi Protect your windscreen wiper blades

Car Care Tips: If you want your car’s windscreen wipers to run properly for a long time, follow these simple steps.

Car wiper blades don’t need to be changed every year, follow these tips

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Car Care Tips: There are many parts of your car that most people don’t pay attention to. In this case, if these parts do not work during the trouble, then there may be a problem. One such part is the car windscreen wiper. Wiper blades clear fog and rainwater so that the driver can easily see the road ahead and drive safely. In such situations, many times the wipers of the car get damaged again and again. This can cause you problems and increase your costs. To avoid this, today we will tell you some methods by following which you can avoid this problem.

Follow these steps

Park the car in the shade: If you want your car’s wipers to last longer, you should always park your car in the shade. If you park the car in the sun, the rubber on the wiper blades hardens and wears out. If you use bad rubber wipers in such situations, your windshield will also get damaged.

Use the correct wiper blade:You should always use original spare parts from the company in your vehicle. In such situations, if you use the right wiper blades, they will last longer.

Do not run the wiper without water: If you want your car’s wipers to work properly, remember to never operate the wipers without a water spray. In such a situation, if you drive the wiper blade on a dry surface, its rubber cuts and the blades destroy the air curtain.

Remove dust with a cloth: If your car has been parked for a long time, first wipe the screen with a cloth to remove the dust that has accumulated on it. After wiping with a cloth, also wipe the wiper blades and then run on the screen.

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