February 5, 2023

Kia customers will get a brand new Sonet SUV as compensation from Rajasthan dealers. Kia customers will get the brand new Sonet SUV for free, the story of the free car will surprise you

One lucky Kia customer in Rajasthan is going to get a new Sonet SUV The Kia dealership will hand over the new car to the customer to compensate for the mistake during the vehicle’s service. In this article, we will tell you how it all happened.

A resident of Rajasthan what The customer ran out of luck, a flash too soon Sonnet SUV Coming for free. He does not have to pay any money for the new car. However, it was not so easy, because behind the joy of owning the new Sonet SUV lies a rather painful experience. In fact, Jalaj Agarwal bought the Kia Sonet less than a year ago. He dropped the SUV at an authorized Kia dealership in Jaipur, Rajasthan for car service. We are telling stories before.

It has been 6 days since Jalaj Aggarwal got the car serviced, after which the service center contacted him. He was told that his car had met with an accident, so the car could not be delivered. But to avoid blame and hide their mistakes, the service center blames a cow for the accident. The service center advised Agarwal to make an insurance claim for the repair process.

The accident was caught on CCTV

However, Jalaj Agarwal immediately rejected the insurance claim advice provided by the service center. After this, the service manager of this service center published a new version of the story, claiming that the accident took place on the premises of the service centre. Here the cleaner car hits the wall. CCTV footage of the incident was also shown to Jalaj Agarwal.

Settle like this

Jalaj highlighted this issue on social media. At the same time, Kia Motors also showed considerable proactivity in the matter and started an investigation. After that, Jalaj Agarwal and Kia’s story ended when the dealership promised to give Jalaj a new Kia Sonet SUV as compensation.

New Sonet is now available

Now Jalaj Agarwal will get a shiny new Kia Sonet car as compensation from the dealership We tell you that such incidents highlight the inconvenience customers face during car service. Moreover, it can be said that it was the power of social media that quickly settled the matter in favor of the customer.

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