February 5, 2023

How to increase car mileage tips to improve fuel economy for better savings. Increase your car’s mileage with these simple ways, which will save you money

Tips to Increase Car Mileage: Looking at the price of petrol and diesel, car owners always want their car to give good mileage. So we have brought you some methods, using which you can increase the mileage of the car.

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People’s car mileage in IndiaVehicle mileage) to pay enough attention. Looking at the price of petrol and diesel, everyone wants their car to get good mileage. If the condition of the car is good, the mileage is also good. At the same time, poor condition of the car not only reduces mileage but also costs a lot of money in maintenance. So, the best way to save money is to ensure that your car gets maximum mileage per litre. Car owners can improve car mileage by adopting the methods mentioned here.

The fuel consumption of the car also depends on the driving style of the driver. Regardless of your vehicle type, the simple tips mentioned here can help you a lot. This not only improves the condition of the car, but also saves money. Next you can check out 10 ways to increase car mileage.

10 Ways to Increase Car Mileage

  1. Wheel Pressure: Tire pressure has a great impact on vehicle mileage. Hence it is necessary that the tire pressure level should always be as per the car company’s standards.
  2. Easy to run: Car controls should be used as comfortably as possible. Accelerator and brake pedals should also be used comfortably.
  3. Travel: If you are traveling for short distance, the fuel cost is higher. At the same time, long distance travel costs less.
  4. Car window: You’d be surprised to know that even opening or closing the car window makes a difference in mileage. Opening the windows at high speeds increases fuel consumption.
  5. Gear: Drive in as many gears as possible without straining the engine. Low gear at high speeds results in poor mileage.
  6. Weight: Excess weight in the car is not good for mileage at all. Excess weight puts strain on the engine. So don’t keep unnecessary things in the car when needed.
  7. Off the car: The vehicle should not be started unless necessary or while waiting for someone. If you are on a budget, it is better to buy a car with auto start-stop technology.
  8. Keep the car clean: It is best to replace a dirty and clogged oil filter or air filter in a car. At the same time, servicing the vehicle on time also improves mileage.
  9. Route Planner: It is better to plan the route before going anywhere. This avoids things like traffic jams. If you commute daily, start 10 minutes before peak hours.
  10. Walking: If you can get somewhere on foot without a car, walking is the way to go. So park the car at the right place while going to crowded areas like markets or fairs.

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