March 20, 2023

For Rs 1,900, make a car a bedroom, the fun of traveling will also double. Car accessories inflatable bed air bed travel mattress price on amazon

Car Accessories: If you want to make your car more comfortable, you can convert your car into a bedroom with these accessories. It will also double the fun of your trip.

For Rs 1,900, make a car a bedroom, the fun of traveling will also double

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The fun of long journeys comes only when the journey is comfortable. In such a situation, if your baby is small, it can be very tiring to put him on your lap. What if we say that now your travel will become joyful instead of tiring. You will get a bedroom-like experience in the car. In fact, there are many car accessories available in the market that can make your car more comfortable, which can double the fun of your trip. Today we will tell you about one such accessory which will remove all your complaints after installing it in the car.

You can put a car inflatable mattress in your car, on this mattress you can sleep comfortably and enjoy your journey. In such a situation, if you want to buy it then any e-commerce platform available on Flipkart and Amazon. 35 percent to 58 percent off respectively.

Create bedrooms from SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks and mini vans

There are many car inflatable mattresses available in the market. If you want to buy them, you can buy them both online and offline. Remember that if you are buying an inflatable mattress from an e-commerce platform, check all its details thoroughly once. Buy the mattress according to the car model. You can select the brand and quality of mattress according to your budget.

Online pricing

You can also avail great discounts if you are buying car inflatable mattresses online. In such situation, if you buy it from e-commerce platform Flipkart, we inform you that the original price of BROGBUS Car Inflatable Bed Travel Mattress is Rs.3,099 but you can buy it at Rs.1,988 with 35 percent discount. . Similarly, if you buy the ADA Inflatable Travel Car Bed Air Sofa from Amazon, it is available at Rs 2,089 with a discount of 58 percent.

(Note: Remember that before making any changes to the vehicle, check if the RTO allows you. Any modifications to the vehicle may be made only in selected cases.)

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