February 5, 2023

Faster way to get FASTag online, end the cycle of getting stuck in long queues at toll plazas. Download FASTag Online Recharge Registration for Vehicle Toll Tax Plaza

FASTag Online: If you want to pass through the toll plaza, a FASTag sticker must be affixed to the vehicle. You can easily buy Fastag online. You can activate and download Fastag by following the steps mentioned here.

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FASTag Registration: For all four wheelers in India FASTag Mandatory. It is important to affix FASTag stickers especially on vehicles passing through highways or toll plazas. FASTag is a type of prepaid recharge card, which is affixed in the form of a magnetic-strip enabled sticker on the windshield of the vehicle. This is radio frequency technology or RFID The accompanying toll plaza system automatically scans the FASTag sticker and deducts the toll tax from the vehicle owner’s account. This saves you from getting stuck in long lines of cars.

Fastag is an electronic way of paying highway and toll taxes. Through this you can cross without stopping at the toll booth. Government of India has introduced this system across the country to reduce vehicular congestion at toll plazas. Under this, all vehicles passing through toll plazas should be fitted with FASTag stickers.

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This is how you get FASTag online

If you also pass through the toll plaza and want to get FASTag, it is very easy. Besides buying Fastag online, users can also activate it. Fastag is also recharged in the same way as we recharge our phones. You can buy fastog online using the method mentioned here.

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  1. Buy Fastag from any online retailer.
  2. Download My Fastag application on your mobile.
  3. Click on Activate NHAI FASTag option.
  4. Now select the website from which you purchased Fastag.
  5. Enter FASTag ID or scan QR code to activate.
  6. Please provide your vehicle details.
  7. Link your account or choose prepaid wallet for recharge.

Buy FASTag from bank

Fastag can be purchased online from any online retailer. Many public and private banks across the country sell FASTag. You can visit their official site or download the dedicated mobile application. Generally, options to purchase and activate Fastag are available on such websites, while such options are also visible on mobile apps.

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