March 27, 2023

Do you have a car with a sunroof? Learn how to maintain it. Follow these tips in Hindi for car sunroof maintenance and protection

Follow these sunroof maintenance tips to help you maintain the sunroof properly and prevent damage.

Do you have a car with a sunroof? Learn how to maintain it

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Nowadays, most youngsters and children prefer a car with a sunroof, so that they can get out of the car and enjoy the weather while traveling. Seeing the demand of the buyers, many car manufacturers have introduced their luxury sunroof cars in the market. Let us tell you that it is very important to have a sunroof in the maintenance of the car. Like other parts of the car, the sunroof also needs service. Here we will tell you some sunroof care tips, with which you will be able to maintain the sunroof properly and avoid damage.

Maintain sunroof like this

Follow the company’s instructions: To maintain the sunroof, first follow the instructions provided by the company. In such a situation you can use the sunroof of the car properly.

Keep the sunroof clean: Whether you use the sunroof or not, keep cleaning it from time to time. Keep it clean both inside and outside. In this case, get it serviced only by a specialist.

Use regular or open: For example, if a device is not used for a long time, it gets damaged. Similarly, the sunroof of the car should also be opened regularly. In this case it will work correctly. If you open and close it, you will also know that there are no distinct noises or problems.

Do not place loads on the sunroof: Sunroofs on most cars are of good quality but can sometimes get damaged due to heavy loads on it. Note that a car with a sunroof is not capable of carrying more load than a car without a sunroof.

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