February 5, 2023

Coronavirus China Will Affect Indian EV Industry Supply Battery Pack Cell Electric Scooter Car | How to make electric scooters and cars?

Covid China: Indian battery pack manufacturers are dependent on supplies from China. They believe that the Chinese New Year will come when the situation is under control. During this time, work will be stopped there. In such a situation, the Indian EV industry may face problems.

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Corona News: A new form of Corona continues to wreak havoc in China. There work is stopped and people have to wait for long time for last rites. The impact of Corona has spread to China, Indian electric cars (EV) as well as potential fallout on the industry. The battery pack cells used in making electric cars are imported from China. According to the report, the disruption caused by the corona in China has increased the risk of affecting the supply of battery cells. Indian battery pack manufacturers are heavily dependent on China for sales.

Indian battery pack makers, dependent on Chinese supplies, believe that the Chinese New Year will begin in mid-January as the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control. The entire country will be closed during Chinese New Year. According to a report by Financial Express, no Indian EV maker is clear about deliveries beyond January. The EV maker has yet to place sales orders for deliveries expected in February.

Delivery of battery cells has been delayed

Indian importers say January deliveries, which were ordered last week, are either in transit or lying in warehouses in China. Samarth Kochhar, founder and CEO of Trontech, said, “I have many contacts with suppliers in China and almost all are infected. The situation there is very bad. 50 percent workers are working in the factory. Trontech is one of many Indian companies that assemble batteries made from cells made in China.

China controls battery supply

There are no battery cell manufacturing companies in India, so China has the monopoly to supply batteries to the Indian market. In the last financial year, 73 percent of the lithium-ion products used in India were imported from China. However, some companies like TVS Motor Company have achieved a high level of standards in cell manufacturing to compete with cells coming from abroad.

It is difficult to say how much the impact will be

A senior official of one of India’s leading electric two-wheeler brands said that we understand that some factories in the Beijing area have been shut down due to the infection. It is expected to spread to other areas as well. Supply line problems are likely, but it is not known how long it will last and how much impact it will have.

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