February 5, 2023

Bsf Creates 3 Motorcycle Ride World Records Stunt Team Janbaz Royal Enfield 350cc Daredevil Longest | BSF sets 3 world records with Royal Enfield, enters Limca Book of Records

Royal Enfield Records: BSF’s motorcycle stunt team recently set 3 world records. These historic records were created by Royal Enfield Motorcycles during BSF’s Victory Day celebrations. See full details of this record here.

BSF motorcycle stunt team breaks 3 records for longest ride (Photo: twitter.com/BSF_India)

Image credit source: twitter.com/BSF_India

BSF Motorcycle Stunt Team: BSF’s motorcycle stunt team set 3 world records riding Royal Enfield bikes. In this, the brave team set the record for the longest journey by two people on a ladder of 12 feet 9 inches. On the other hand, a female visitor rode a stationary bike for more than 6 hours covering more than 175 km. This record is the longest ride ever recorded in history.

The two BSF records are very close to each other where two bikers have covered more than 80 km while lying down for more than two hours. All these records are recorded in Limca Book of Records. The first record was done by Inspector Abdhesh Kumar Singh and Captain Sudhakar of BSF’s brave motorcycle team. He holds the record for the longest bike ride by two men standing on a 12.9 feet ladder mounted on a Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle.

2 hours 6 minutes lying on the bike

Inspector Awadhesh Kumar Singh and Captain Sudhakar set a world record by covering a distance of 174.1 km on a bike for 5 hours and 26 minutes during BSF’s Victory Day celebrations at 25 Battalion BSF Campus, Chawla, New Delhi on December 16. Whereas the second record was made by Inspector Biswajit Bhatia. He covered a distance of 70.2 km while lying down on the Royal Enfield 350 bike and looking ahead. He holds the record for the longest ride on a Royal Enfield 350 in the same position at 2 hours 6 minutes without breaking.

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BSF’s third record

The third record was held by Captain and Inspector Himanshu Sirohi of BSF’s Seema Bhavani All-Women Motorcycle Team. He holds the record for the longest standing time on the side bracket of a Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle. In this position he set a world record by covering a distance of 178.6 km by cycling for 6 hours and 3 minutes. The BSF bike stunt team always participates in the Republic Day parade on 26th January every year. This brave team was formed in 1990.

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