October 7, 2022

After Mahindra and Hyundai, Volkswagen to make big push, inflation to cry even in festive season

After companies like Mahindra and Hyundai, Volkswagen has also decided to increase the prices of the cars. Currently the company sells three cars in India. Consumers will not get relief from price inflation even during the festive season. It is not yet known how much the price will increase.

Bad news for consumers dreaming of buying a new car during the festive season. After the country’s leading car companies Mahindra and Hyundai, this time Volkswagen has also decided to increase the prices of their cars. According to reports, the company has announced to increase the price of cars sold in India by up to two percent. The increased prices will be applicable from October 1. Volkswagen sells three models in India – Tiguan SUV, Virtus Sedan and Tiguan Premium SUV For now, it is certain that inflation will not leave consumers behind even during the festive season.

Reasons for increased costs

Volkswagen has blamed ever-increasing costs as the reason behind the price hike. According to the company, the decision to increase the price of the car has become very urgent. Let us tell you that the company’s most expensive car in India is the Tiguan, which starts at Rs 32.79 lakh ex-showroom.

The ex-showroom price of the Volkswagen Taigun SUV in the Indian market starts at Rs 11.39 lakh. On the other hand, the Volkswagen Virtus sedan is the company’s cheapest car, with a starting ex-showroom price of Rs 11.22 lakh.

Good performance of Volkswagen cars

Earlier this year, Volkswagen said that the Virtus sedan has received good response despite sluggish demand for the sedan in the country. According to HT Auto, the company’s brand director Ashish Gupta said about the 2021 launch Taigun SUV that it is still doing well. We tell you that both these models are being manufactured in India under the Bharat 2.0 project.

The festive season hits

While Volkswagen has announced a price hike, it is not clear how much more customers will have to pay. Most of the shopping in India happens during the festive season. The country’s car market also remains buoyant. But the decision of auto companies to hike prices has come as a bit of a shock to consumers. On such occasions, they wait for discounts and concessions.

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